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Stella Settlements is an Independent conveyancer that provides reliable and professional property settlement and conveyancing services. Stella Settlement agents in Perth provide a comprehensive range of Real Estate transactions across Perth, WA.

We make the process of Buying and selling a home easy and effortless. Instead of attempting to finalise the real estate settlement yourself, look for a real estate settlement agent or agency, that is trained and knowledgeable in the area of home conveyancing. An agent will make the process simpler for you, leaving no room for mistakes. If you want a hassle free and stress-free property purchase, get in touch with a Stella Settlement agent today.

How do we do it?

Buying a house and legally closing the deal, requires preparing documents for transferring the property in your name – changing the title deed of the property from the seller’s name to your name.  It is easy to miss out information or be mislead as you may not have enough experience to handle a home conveyancing. When you hire the right settlement agent, the documentation and other legalities are taken care of. As a licensed agency, Stella Settlements ensures that the settlement agent handling your settlement has the know how of legislative and statutory requirements as well as any new changes on legislative requirements. As an agency, Stella Settlement makes sure that they conform to all aspects of the Settlement Agents Code of Conduct.

When it comes to property settlements, finance for the purchase of the property is a major factor. An experienced agent will help you with the search for the required certificates like Certificate of Title with the Department of Land Information etc. Agents liaise with a Real Estate Agent and confirm the deposit has been paid to the Real Estate Agent. They also obtain a copy of the finance approval letter from the Real Estate Agent.

Stella Settlements has the people with the skill and experience in the industry working for you to ensure that you the client, receive the best possible outcome. Property settlements can be a complex and time-consuming task, and each settlement has its own requirements. By ensuring a dedicated and experienced settlement agent in Perth to handle all property transactions for you, Stella Settlements provides you the comfort of a smooth property transition. Your property settlement is important for you and we at Stella, recognise the need for each settlement to be handled individually so that you the client remain a priority. Our endeavor is to provide you with a stress-free settlement in the most timely period in the most professional manner.

Stella Settlement Agents in Perth specialise in:

Residential Property Settlements and Private Sale Transactions

We help with all kinds of residential property settlements. Whether you are a home buyer or are investing in residential property, or selling your home, we assure you a smooth settlement for your property.

Communication is important to us. We ensure that you are in the loop at all times, and keep you updated as and when a change takes place. This gives you the freedom to focus your energies on doing what is important to you – moving house.

Sub Divisional Applications

Sub divisional approvals are not easy to get. Getting an expert to take care of this time-consuming task, helps you in the initial stages of acquiring your sub-division. The experienced agent gets the initial paperwork prepared so you can focus on the signing of the deed and be receiving a hassle free title.

Commercial Settlements and Title Searches

If you are buying a property to operate a business from or buying a property as an investor for rental earnings, then usually the property will be part of a strata complex. This settlement can be more complex. An agency will assess your contract, and ensure that the title is transferred to your name under the protection of the Strata Act. Any delays in the settlement mean that the invested property cannot be put on rental. Delays in the settlement can result in penalty interest. Commercial property settlement also requires a detailed search on land titles, information about any restrictions that may exist, average rents and outgoings for that particular property, apportion monies with authorities such as water, land, and council rates. In addition application for loans for purchase of property also requires documentation and liaison with bank. You can save yourself money and stress by using a commercial property Settlement Agent in Perth you can rely on.

Related Party Transfers

For party transfers you want to make sure that the settlement agency has qualified and experienced staff to take care of the complete process.

Change of Name

If you have married or had a name change, it affects your property ownership. This change is required to be shown on the current Certificate of Title. So when it comes to legal ownership of a property, getting in touch with an agent at Stella Settlements will get the property settlement done easily, timely and cost-effectively.

Deceased Estates

Settling property under a deceased person’s name, requires a change in registration before a sale can be finalised. An agency will help with the communication and liaison required with the authorities.

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